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Brow Shaping: Services


Wax and Tint

Frame those gorgeous new lashes with perfectly shaped brows. We encourage a thicker look with a shape that compliments your natural arch.

Brow wax ($15.00 : 20min)

Brow tint ($20.00 : 20min)

Lash tint ($20.00 : 20min)

Brow Duo ($35.00 : 30min)


Includes a wax and tint. Our most popular quick fix.

Brow Sculpting ($50.00 : 45min)

Walk out of our salon with bomb sculpted brows! This service includes a map, wax, tint, makeup fill and concealer. 

Brow Lamination + Tint ($70.00 : 1hr)

Want full, fluffy brows on the daily? A brow lamination is the service for you! This service includes perming of your brows, wax and tint. 

Microblading- Feather Stroke ($499.00 : 2hr)

Tired of penciling in sparse, overplucked brows? Give thinning brows a semi-permanent boost with microblading. A small blade is used to deposit custom-matched ink throughout the brow area, in the uppermost layers of the skin, resulting in a natural-looking filler that lasts anywhere from 12-18months. ​We have three options to choose from

Combination Tattoo brows ($599.00 : 2hr)

Combination brow technique incorporates both the brow feathering and Powdering techniques through the brow shape to give the natural look of hairstrokes and the density and weight of the powdering toward the tail end of the brow.

Powder/Ombre Tattoo brows ($499.00 : 2hr)

Powder/Ombre' Brows have softer shading in the fronts of the brows and the top area of the brow and is dense towards the tail end using the powdering technique giving you a fuller, make up look. 

5 Week Touch up ($149.00) : up to 2hrs

Perfecting session for every cosmetic brow tattoo service. 

Annual Colour Boost ($249.00) : up to 2hrs

Colour boost session for every cosmetic brow tattoo service. This service is available for brows created by Sorelle Beauty, it is essentially a touch up done 12-18months after initial procedure to put colour back into your brow tattoo.

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