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We all know how great it feels to walk out of a salon and be satisfied with the service we received. Our highly trained staff are here to tackle all your needs with a professional Makeup Consultation that will leave you looking and feeling phenomenal. Come in and give us an hour of your time — you’ll be glad you did!

Natural Glam - $85.00 - 1hr

Full Glam - $95.00 - 1hr 30mins

Extra AF Glam - $100 - 1hr 45mins

Bridal - $110.00 - 1hr 30mins

Bridesmaid - $100.00 - 1hr

Bridal Trial - $100.00 - 1hr 45mins

Travel Offsite (min 3 people) - $95

1 on 1 Tutorial - $150 - 1hr 30mins

1 on 1 makeup opportunity to teach you how to create a soft glam on yourself.

A 1 and a half hour session with our experienced makeup artist Shaianne.

Bring what you currently use for your makeup routine. We will recommend makeup products that are suitable for you and to up your current makeup routine. We have an option for $220 which includes a quality 15pc Makeup Brush Set!

Lash Strip Application - $25.00 

The application of our strip lashes to your eyes. Great if you struggle to place strip lashes correctly on your eyes and need some lashes to finish off your look.

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